Sitting at my desk here at home feeling the love as they say! Also the heat – what a beautiful day! Our computer is a stationary one in the kitchen beside a big window. It’s helps with keeping a watch on the pre teens and their googling!!

I was thinking out what recipe I enjoyed recently and looked around me. The computer is surrounded by pictures of our family and the following recipe is a meal I shared with both our families. I used it for a group of six – that was a pre Christmas season dinner that we have with the butchers– Jack, Colin and himself and their lovely maidens. I also tripled it and popped it in the freezer for all my siblings and children for our Kris Kringle dinner on St. Stephen’s Day for those who had already tired of the leftovers.

I used lamb shanks for the party of six. An often underestimated cut of meat. It’s great value and if cooked slowly for a long time it’s just delicious!
For the larger group I used diced shoulder of lamb. I took a photo of this out of a magazine that I probably read at the hairdressers. My phone is full of pictures of food and recipes!!

I went up to end of step five, leaving the lamb shoulder in the sauce and let it cool and froze it until the day before I needed it. Then slowly and on a low heat heated it up for about an hour before completing step six. I also couldn’t find Kashmiri chili powder so I replaced it wild mild chili powder! This really is a crowd pleaser!! So tasty and it really does fill the house with the most amazing smells! It might not be a mid week supper but I promise you it’s worth the time given!

The Butchers wife!! Xx