Goodbye summer, Hello Autumn - September 2017

Is September really nearly over?? It's flying. I still feel caught in the whirlwind and I'm not talking about the weather. Our eldest little one started in Secondary School this year and the transition is just huge. She's adapted to her new start just brilliantly. So many different classrooms, so many teachers to get your head around and not to mention THE LOCKER. This is the most exciting thing about secondary school. I think, perhaps, they might watch too many American sitcoms but the locker is certainly where it's at!!

We also challenged ourselves to the tree top walk in Castlecomer Discovery Park and by we I mean the children. The third step of a ladder is three steps too high for me. The older you get the more you loose your nerve and it is to my shame that the children overcame their nerves and flew around the course, while mammy looked on with pride with my two feet secure on solid ground.

Back to school brings back to activities, piano, swimming, rugby etc. In and out of the car like yoyos but it's a choice and I'm glad they all have interests. It does leave structured opportunities to go for walks while we wait. Lovely time to chat and catch up on the news of the day. We also had a great project on Sligo and therefore we had to do some research on Countess Markievicz. I love history and talking about how things were and how far we've come. Go on the girls..

September 2017 also brought THAT MATCH. What a brilliant game. Déise abú!! Great sense of pride in our county or in other words I loves me county boi!! And then Puddles turned 1 - Puddles arrived at Christmas - and brought plenty of puddles with her. She's a little Jack Russell who absolutely torments the life out of Bear our collie labrador mix. So Puddles had to get a cake and we got a doddie cake from the Bushy Tailed Baker -  a special dog cake. I kid you not. The dogs were trilled and the children got a great kick out of it.

So there you are. September nearly behind us. I love the crisp and cold weather of this time of year. Long walks wrapped up. Yummy comfort food and thoughts of lighting the fire. Bring it on...


The Butchers Wife xx